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Are You Sneezing a Lot This Summer?

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Allergies can be a challenge to get through especially this time of the year.

Here are some tips for better managing your allergies this season:

  • Monitor the pollen report daily for your city. Try to plan outdoor activities when pollen levels are low.
  • Always wear glasses or sunglasses when outdoors. They can act as a protective barrier from airborne allergens
  • Consider switching to daily contact lenses. With dailies, you are using a fresh new pair every day, which limits the buildup of allergens on your lens over time.
  • Keep the windows and doors of your home closed during high pollen days. This can protect the indoor circulating air from increased allergens. Consider installing a HEPA filter to further help with filtering out particles
  • Switch to natural cleaners that use common ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. Harsh chemicals may irritate your nasal pathways.
  • Don’t bring outside allergens inside – change your clothes when you come home. It’s also recommended to take a shower and wash your hair to help reduce exposure.

Book a consultation with one of our licensed Hamiltion optometrists if you are experiencing red, itchy, or watery eyes from allergies. There are also drops that your optometrist can recommend that may relieve your symptoms.

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Written by Dr. Casthoory Viswanathan

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