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Farnsworth D15

The Farnsworth D15 is an in depth test to detect colour vision deficiencies. The test includes different discs of colours which you will be asked to arrange in the correct order. Those with colour deficiencies will have difficulties arranging these discs and make mistakes. These mistakes are recorded on a score sheet template. Based on […]

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Eyesight Matters: The Importance of Regular Eye Examss

Maintaining good eye health is essential to preserve our sight and quality of life. Eye exams not only detect vision problems but also can identify underlying health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and even brain tumors. Regular eye exams can help diagnose these health problems early, allowing for prompt treatment, and potentially saving […]

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What is an OCT?

An OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a medical imaging test that provides detailed, cross-sectional images of the various structures within the eye, including the retina, the macula, and the optic nerve. It is a non-invasive test that is often performed during an eye exam with an optometrist. The OCT test is performed by having the […]

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Ouch! What Causes Contact Lenses to Hurt?

With today’s advanced technology, contact lenses have earned popularity due to their convenience, accessibility, and variability, accommodating to most of our visual needs! Unfortunately, contact lenses can hurt sometimes. How can this tiny plastic disc cause discomfort and irritation?  One of the most common causes of irritation for contact lens wearers is DRY EYE. Dry […]

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