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Nano Vista

The Most Durable Pediatric Frames Perception Eyecare now carries Nano Vista!! The most durable children frames! They are made with “sileflex” patented material that is thermo-adjustable. Nano Vista frames are great for babies and kids because they are tough frames that are made to last! Nano Visa frames have removable temples and headband straps to […]

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Axial length

Myopia Control Services at Perception Eyecare Perception Eyecare is one of the few clinics in Canada that use specialized technology to accurately diagnose and manage myopia. A myopia consultation with our Hamilton Optometrists involves myopia testing such as axial length measurements, cycloplegic refractions, and corneal topography.  What Is Myopia? Myopia involves being able to see […]

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Do you ever wake up with your eyelids stuck together? Well now there is an in-office treatment that can be performed from the optometrists at Perception Eyecare to prevent that from happening! Over 80% of dry eye issues start with issues at the eyelid margin. The bacteria, oil residue, dirt and dead skin at the […]

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Keratoconus is an eye disease that is caused by the thinning and bulging forward of the cornea into a cone-like shape. This results in blurry and distorted vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts1. It is a progressive disease and starts to affect people in their teenage years to early twenties typically. Usually […]

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OMEGA 3 and Dry Eye

Have you been experiencing dry eyes? Omega 3 supplementation has been proven to be very important in improving our dry eyes and improve tear function. The three important omega-3 fatty acids include1: ⮚ DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) ⮚ EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) ⮚ ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) DHA and EPA are both found in fish oils while ALA […]

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