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Magic Glasses: See the World Change with Photochromic Lenses at Perception Eyecare!

Ever wish your glasses could be like magical mood rings, changing colors with the sun? Well, get ready to meet the superheroes of eyewear – photochromic lenses! And guess what? You can find these enchanting glasses at Perception Eyecare! So, what’s the big deal with photochromic lenses? Picture this: you step outside into the bright […]

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How FL-41 Tint Can Help Reduce Concussion and Headache Symptoms

Do you ever suffer from headaches, especially after a concussion or when exposed to certain light conditions? You’re not alone. Many people face this challenge. But there’s good news: optometrists can provide a solution called FL-41 tinted spectacle glasses that may help reduce those bothersome symptoms. In this blog, we’ll explore how FL-41 tinted glasses, […]

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Farnsworth D15

The Farnsworth D15 is an in depth test to detect colour vision deficiencies. The test includes different discs of colours which you will be asked to arrange in the correct order. Those with colour deficiencies will have difficulties arranging these discs and make mistakes. These mistakes are recorded on a score sheet template. Based on […]

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