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Cornea Anatomy and Associated Diseases

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Vision is the most important sense when it comes to living everyday life. We use our sense of sight for so many important tasks such as driving, working, and playing. The eye is a visual organ with various components that all work together to provide us with sight. 

The cornea is a clear, dome shaped structure that is located above the coloured portion of the eye. The main function of the cornea is to focus incoming light onto the retina, which is located at the back of the eye. A fun way to picture this is by imagining a magnifying glass (cornea) focusing light from the sun onto a piece of paper (retina) to start a fire. For us to see an object, light rays bouncing off those objects must reach our corneas so that they can be focused onto the retina. 

Astigmatism is a common visual problem usually caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Instead of a normal dome-shaped cornea, a person with astigmatism has a football shaped cornea. Because of this irregular shape, light entering the cornea is not focused evenly onto the retina and the resulting vision becomes blurry. Fortunately, astigmatism is not considered a disease and can be easily corrected by wearing prescription glasses.  

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Written by Krish Srinivasan

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