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Does Reading Suddenly Become Blurry? It Could Be Dry Eye!

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One of the main things we are noticing during this pandemic is that everyone is spending more time on the screen (computer, phone, tablet, etc). The biggest complaint we are noticing is that it is harder to focus and sometimes reading can suddenly get blurry for a few moments. Do you ever notice a fog in your vision?

When we stare at a screen for long hours, our eyes tend to blink significantly less which causes the tear film that protects the surface of our eye to dry out. Blinking is very important to hydrate the eyes and provide lubrication.

What causes Dry Eye?

Dry eye can be caused by infrequent blinking, hot and dry air, certain medical conditions such as arthritis, hormone changes, contact lenses, environmental irritants, and aging. Medications such as antidepressants, oral contraceptives and antihistamines can also affect the tear production.

What are the Signs and/or Symptoms of Dry eye?

Fluctuating vision, red eyes, itchy eyes, stinging sensation, burning feeling in the eyes, grittiness, and/or foreign body sensation in the eye.

How to Treat Dry Eye?

The first step is to come in for a comprehensive eye exam with our optometrists Dr. Shinger or Dr. Viswanathan. They will ask you about your health, medications and which factors in your work/home environment can be causing dry eye symptoms. This will help us determine if additional dry eye testing would be required.

Depending on the level of dry eye, there are many options available to treat dry eye. Preservative free artificial tears can provide relief for mild/moderate dry eyes. If you contact lenses are feeling dry, our optometrists can recommend other contact lenses with more moisture.

Schedule an eye exam with Dr. Jasjeet Shinger or Dr. Casthoory Viswanathan in Stoney creek today to get more information about how dry eyes are affecting your lifestyle and get information on the most ideal treatment for you.

Visit Perception Eyecare Dry Eye Clinic today. We provide care to patients from Stoney creek, Hamilton, Binbrook, Grimsby, Burlington, etc. Call your stoney creek optometrist today at (289) 309-1090 or email us at [email protected]

Written by Dr. Jasjeet Shinger

Dr. Jasjeet Shinger has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree and completed her Doctorate of Optometry with honours at the University of Waterloo. While attaining her Doctorate in Optometry, Dr. Shinger worked with a binocular vision and pediatric specialist during her clinical externship, which helped her gain a keen interest in helping patients manage binocular vision deficiencies that can affect learning.
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