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Eye Turns and How to Correct Them

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Strabismus, commonly known as crossed eyes or eye turns, is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned (in respect to one another) when looking at an object. Strabismus can be caused by an imbalance of muscle control in one of the six extraocular muscles which control eye movements. 

Prisms are a common tool used by optometrists to help patients who have strabismus. Light that enters a prism is going to be refracted towards the base, which ends up making the source of the light seem like it is coming from around the tip of the prism. The base of the prisms can be positioned in 4 different orientations in front of the eye (base up, base down, base in towards the nose, base out towards the temple). The different orientations of the prisms are used to help people with different types of strabismus, as they shift the apparent position of an object to the correct position. 

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Written by Krish Srinivasan

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