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Multifocal Contacts

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Are you looking for an alternative to your progressives or bifocals? Do you prefer contacts over glasses most days?

We have a great option available for you – MULTIFOCAL CONTACTS!

Typically after the age of 40, the muscles of our eyes have more difficulty focusing at near – this is called presbyopia. Due to this, many people need a prescription to help them focus up close, which can be different than what they need for distance. Multifocal contacts are designed to treat presbyopia.

Multifocal contacts are designed to provide clear vision at distance, near and intermediate ranges. There are several lenses available which each use their own technology to provide visual comfort at these distances. It requires a short period of adjustment, but most people get used to them. They come in various different lens materials including silicone hydrogel soft lenses and RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses.

These contacts are a great option for those lifestyles that are on the go, busy and fast-paced. They offer clear vision in all distances so that you can enjoy your day no matter what you’re doing. They are also a great idea for occasional wear such as social events and sports.

Our Stoney Creek optometrists are trained in fitting experienced and new contact lens wearers. We have a variety of multifocal contact lens options available for you.

Book your appointment today and we would be happy to fit you in them! Call or text us at 289-309-1090

Written by Dr. Jasjeet Shinger

Dr. Jasjeet Shinger has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree and completed her Doctorate of Optometry with honours at the University of Waterloo. While attaining her Doctorate in Optometry, Dr. Shinger worked with a binocular vision and pediatric specialist during her clinical externship, which helped her gain a keen interest in helping patients manage binocular vision deficiencies that can affect learning.
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