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How to Improve your Night Time Driving

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These winter months can be extremely stressful for those who suffer from weaker vision in low light conditions. 

Do you have difficulty with glare from the headlights of opposing vehicles? Do you find yourself squinting to see road signs or traffic lights? Do you find lights radiate a “starburst” or “halo” effect? Here are some reasons you may be experiencing these symptoms:

1. As we age our eyesight especially at night does decrease. This may be to developing cataracts or other age-related eye diseases. Cataracts can cause the lens in our eye to become more stiff and cloudy, therefore causing more blurry vision and glare while we drive in low light conditions.

2. You may require an updated prescription, or glasses while driving. 

3. You may suffer from an inconsistent tear film which may be due to dry eyes. This can be very common if you’ve stared at a screen all day, or are tired. 

There are several other reasons you may be experiencing issues with night time driving such as certain eye diseases. Anyone with serious night time vision loss, we recommend limiting driving to daytime hours. 

It is important to see your optometrist so that they can help diagnose why you are having difficulty, and help you improve your symptoms. 

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Written by Dr. Casthoory Viswanathan

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