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Introducing the First Generation of SMART GLASSES from Ray Ban!

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The world is evolving and so are your sunglasses. The latest sunglasses from Ray Ban now integrate the best features of your phone. 

Dual 5MP Camera

Take photos and videos hands free

Touch Control

Using a touchpad, pause music and take photos or record videos


Speakers that capture sound with high quality for calls and videos. 

Charging Case

Charge your frames while you’re on the go with a portable charging case. A fully charged frame will capture up to 50 videos or up to 200 photos. 

Once the Facebook View App is downloaded and your frame is set up, you can import, edit, capture and share photos and videos. 

Speak to our Stoney Creek optometrists or staff today to learn more about the Rayban Stories Glasses! These one of a kind SMART SUNGLASSES are available at PERCEPTION EYECARE! 

Call to make an appointment or walk-in today to view the collection! 289-309-1090

Written by Dr. Casthoory Viswanathan

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