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The Contact Lens That Allows You to See at All Distances!

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Are you tired of taking your glasses off to read? Do you want to be free from glasses when enjoying a night out, going to work or staying active?

There is a solution. Multifocal contact lenses.

These contact lenses have the benefit of allowing you to see well at ALL distances – distance, intermediate and near. There are several safe and healthy lens materials available to allow for increased oxygen to the eye, and increased comfort for day long use. There are a wide range of parameters that allow our doctors to be able to fit your eye prescription accurately.

When choosing a multifocal lens, the most important thing is communication with your optometrist. During your contact lens assessment, our optometrists Dr. Viswanathan and Dr. Shinger will ask you about your lifestyle, hobbies and work demands.

Multifocal contact lenses are also one of the treatment options used for myopia control in children. Speak to our optometrists today to see if your child would be a good candidate.

Book an appointment with one of our Stoney Creek optometrists today to learn more about these contact lenses and if you would be a good candidate for them. If you are new to contact lenses, at Perception Eyecare we teach all ages how to safely insert, remove and handle your lenses. This way you can wear your contacts with confidence!

Call to make an appointment today 289-309-1090!

Written by Dr. Casthoory Viswanathan

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