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Ouch! What Causes Contact Lenses to Hurt?

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With today’s advanced technology, contact lenses have earned popularity due to their convenience, accessibility, and variability, accommodating to most of our visual needs! Unfortunately, contact lenses can hurt sometimes. How can this tiny plastic disc cause discomfort and irritation? 

One of the most common causes of irritation for contact lens wearers is DRY EYE. Dry eye is a condition caused by a lack of tear production which is responsible for ensuring moisture to the eye. Wearing contact lenses with dry eyes can amplify discomfort. 

Finding the right FIT of contact lenses is also essential. It is important to note that not every contact lens will be adequate for your eyes so don’t give up! The material, size, and shape of a contact lens will be unique to your eye and individual needs. 

At our eye clinic in Stoney creek, we strive to provide comfort and satisfaction to our patients. Our contact lens fitting allows the doctor to obtain the necessary measurements when selecting a suitable contact lens for your eyes. We provide you with the opportunity to trial new lenses to ensure we fit you in a lens that is advisable for your eyes. 

Lastly… SLEEPING IN YOUR CONTACTS is a no-no! Although exhaustion can catch up to us, it is important for you to make sure you’re removing your contacts before bed. Sleeping with your contacts on can result in discomfort, irritation, and a high risk of developing an infection. 

Schedule your contact lens fit today with our Stoney creek Optometrists Dr. Shinger or Dr. Viswanathan at our Stoney creek eyecare location to learn more! 

Written by Perception Eye Care

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